"My expectation was exceeded...biased I might be, but you were the best."

- Marcy Maguire, Columbia Business School
presentation attendee

"Thank you for all your help and expertise. You made the process infinitely less painful and the output much, much stronger."
- JG, HBS '11

"Sarah McGinty knows the application process — she helped me articulate my qualifications clearly and define my future."
- TL, HBS '13

"Every high school senior needs two things for a successful college search: one is a dynamite essay, and the other is confidence. You delivered both."
- LG, Princeton '98, Haas School of Business '05

"I felt like I learned a lot with each application, and by the time I turned in the London app, really felt like I was able to articulate myself much more clearly, and had a more defined idea of where the MBA was going to take me."
- PH, LBS '11

"You were pivotal in helping me get accepted..."
- BP, University of Florida '06

"I found all of it extremely helpful! Everything pointed me in the right direction and helped me focus my thoughts. I really got the sense that you know how to take my ideas and focus them more pointedly toward what the question was getting at…or pull out the aspects of my long, convoluted stories. Extremely helpful."
- PG, Tuck '11

"You were incredibly helpful, patient and caring — you made an effort to understand my situation and help me to craft a strong response. I was incredibly happy with the response time to my question and the turn-around time on comments. I greatly appreciated your friendly and honest approach and how accessible you were throughout out the entire process."
- BP, HBS’11

"I've gained a lot in thinking through my plans and articulating them."
- GV, INSEAD '13

"The most helpful part was the discussion about what the school was actually looking for in the application and the essays."
- JS, Booth '11

"I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to you for helping to guide me, pump me up and do the right things at the right time. Your approach was a winner, and I truly believe I couldn't have done it without you. THANK YOU!!"
- EC, Ivey Business School '11

"I have given your name out numerous times...keep a space open in four years for our younger daughter!"
- Parent of Brookline High School senior '08

"I got into HBS (a dream of mine) and am confident it wouldn't have happened without you. Thanks for helping make my dream come true."
- JM, HBS '11

"I found your feedback and thoughts extremely helpful in bringing out additional stories/anecdotes that provoked me to think about the distinctive dimensions of my personality and helped my application stand out…"
- FC, Chicago Booth ‘11

"You made a difficult process infinitely smoother...and more successful."
- JG, HBS '11

"The essay can be a powerful 'tipper' in close cases, especially with very strong or very poor essays."
- William C. Hiss, VP for External Affairs, Bates College, ME

"The process and feedback were helpful for both my personal development and (obviously) for the application."
- BP, HBS '11

"You are the voice of sanity."
- Admission officer, Ivy League University

"The workshops are warm, informative, and stress-reducing. Kids brainstorm ...and parents get up to speed, too."
- Rick Rizoli, The Rivers School

"Your book has helped me design my classes. I refer to you so personally, I'm sure my students believe I know you."
- Linda Barrows, English Faculty, The Blake School, MN