"Thank you for all your help and expertise. You made the process infinitely less painful and the output much, much stronger."

- JG, Harvard Business School '11

Applying to business school isn't like the last time around. You can't stop into the counselor's office for a few forms and some free advice. And the process of application selection is different. Adcom knows what they are looking for and the credentials on the transcript are only part of the story. (They aren't looking for that well-rounded undergraduate student any more.) We provide expert advice in the planning and preparation of MBA applications. Knowing what they want and knowing how to tell your story in that context makes the process efficient and your tone confident. More work goes into the thinking than into the writing here, so guided thinking will organize your writing process, strengthen your conversations with potential recommenders, and save your life in the interview.

"I know I will bring as much to HBS as they will provide to me."

"My 6th grade piano recital taught me the meaning of failure."

"I taught this year's Excel classes to incoming analysts."

Uh-oh. You need us.

With a little conversation, a resume review, and some planning, your application will stand out — not because you've led troops into battle (although you may have) or just sold your second start-up to SAP (we worked with him), but because your topics present who you are and are therefore unequivocally unique. In the specific details of your answers lie the evidence of your experiences and the proof of your reflective potential as an MBA student and future business leader.

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