"You are the voice of sanity."

- MM, Director of Admission

Graduate school applications are looking for a "roadmap," a path that moves from your undergraduate education and interests, through your work history, and clearly aims at an advanced degree and a post-graduate career target. Telling this story with conviction and authority takes a little thought and practice. We do not select schools for our clients and we do not coach applicants for the LSAT or the GRE. What we do better than anyone else is help you uncover your story, find that path in your life, and write a clear and convincing explanation of it all.

You're an adult, no doubt. You don't need to be tutored or taught. But last-minute efforts always look like last-minute efforts and even Ernest Hemingway used an editor. Let your personal statement offer the admission committee a persuasive reason to admit you. We can help you make the essays the strongest — and most memorable — part of your application. Click here to see how.