"Power Talk is a bible for communicators."

- Bruce Wasserstein
former CEO, Lazard Ltd

Does your sales force present your product effectively? Does your boss hear your ideas? Do your managers motivate their teams? Do your international clients feel understood? Do your creative people feel stifled? Is your presentation as strong as your performance?

Business is about products and profit. It's also about growth, ideas, and, of course, communication. But what we think we are saying is often not what others hear.

The language of control vs. the language of collaboration, the style of presentation vs. the style of purposeful listening, working from the center and working from the edge — these strategies and more make up the repertoire of employees who work effectively with other people.

Our seminars and presentations offer useful advice on the right expectations, the right strategies, and the right steps to take to improve corporate communication.

We give participants what they need to be thoughtful and adaptive speakers in one of the toughest markets in America: the corporate conversation.

Power Talk is for:

Managers and Staff:
- Communication styles
- Analyzing your company's style
- Listening and learning

Men and women:
- Gender and language
- Myth and reality
- Finding and using a power base

Trainees and new employees
- International communication
- Outside interface: listening to clients
- Getting "air time" vs. being heard
- Protocols of electronic communication

POWER TALK identifies two basic modes of communication: Language from the Center and Language from the Edge. While one projects authority, the other is collaborative, responsive, and often equally effective. To be truly successful you can't get trapped in just one speaking mode — you need both.

"Fascinating stuff!...Read this book. In lively, down-to-earth, mercifully jargon-free prose, Sarah McGinty shows what it takes to communicate effectively at work and how to cultivate a speaking (and listening) style that will mark you as a leader."

– Anne Fisher, "Ask Annie" columnist, Fortune