The College Application Essay


This College Board classic has helped thousands of students write distinctive college application essays. It provides current information on the essay policies and questions of over 500 institutions as well as attack strategies for every kind of question.

"An invaluable how-to manual, written with authority and humor by the reigning expert on the topic ... the definitive book on the college application essay."

– Carl Bewig, former Director of College Counseling, Phillips Academy

50 College Admission Directors Speak to Parents

Written by Sarah McGinty with Sandra MacGowan, formerly at the College Board, this guide is a compilation of the best advice admissions directors have to offer. Included in this comprehensive and user-friendly text:

  • Larry Momo from Columbia University sorts out borderline cases.

  • Tony Canchola-Flores at MIT puts SAT scores in context.

  • Nancy Donehower from Reed explains how decisions are made.

  • Bill Shain from Macalester College lists common mistakes in the college selection process.

  • Linda Kreamer at UVM dissects the wait list.

"I love this book ... there's a lot of great information tucked away in here."
– Bill Mayher, author, The College Admission Mystique

Power Talk

In Power Talk, author Sarah Myers McGinty identifies two basic modes of communication: Language from the Center and Language from the Edge. While one projects authority, the other is collaborative, responsive, and often equally effective. Here, McGinty argues that to be truly successful you can't get trapped in just one speaking mode — you need both.

"A bible for communicators."
– Bruce Wasserstein

"Fascinating stuff!...Read this book. In lively, down-to-earth, mercifully jargon-free prose, Sarah McGinty shows what it takes to communicate effectively at work and how to cultivate a speaking (and listening) style that will mark you as a leader."
– Anne Fisher, "Ask Annie" columnist, Fortune

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